noun: a formidably aggressive older woman.
synonyms:  witchgorgonhellcatharpy, fury

My name is Lisa Falzon and Bring Me My BattleAxe is my creative brand.

After fleeing the Mediterranean island archipelago where I was raised, where I felt people were basic AF, I spent fifteen years in Europe coming to the conclusion that they are pretty basic AF everywhere, actually. I worked a lot as an illustrator, published a book, did some cool art collabs and ran my print brand Meluseena for 10 years, but something was missing. 

One ennui-soaked snowy March in 2017 while moping about Berlin I stumbled across a smithy where I would then apprentice with an awesome teacher Kirsten Karacan who very patiently taught me the basics and my fate was sealed.
I began to create the jewelry I'd always wanted for myself, but could never find - big, in-your-face, unapologetic pieces, centred around themes of paranormal, ancient myth, history and literature. In 2019, I became obsessed with vitreous enamel - a field of art that was allowed to become fusty and unpop, and dived headfirst into its study. I combined my background in illustration with my new skills to create precious narrative pieces for the true eccentric.

BMMBX is for the human who doesn't care what people think at all. It is a battlecry against the mundane, against the unadventurous, against the grain. It's the reclaiming of a pejorative, in metal and vitreous enamel.

Now I create Battleaxes and send the fruits of my mind and fingers out to other bombastic weirdos like me across the world.
I make jewelry for: muses, tzars, sphinxes, oracles, alien archaeologists, doubtful demigods, reincarnated lovers, sneering angels and dethroned insect queens from distant galaxies who deep down will always know who they are.