Thank you for taking the time to read my policies.

Bring Me My BattleAxe is a one-person artist-run studio and I am committed to the weirdos, monsters and trouble-maker space highwaymen who purchase my work and wear it around the world (and beyond) so here are some questions you may have.

Should you have any more q's please reach out to me at lisa@bringmemybattleaxe.com and I will answer them with the swiftness of a sphinx (but considerably nicer I assure you)


All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted! 

I accept no-interest lay-away payment , here are the terms for you to peruse:

I accept layaway via Paypal partial payment invoicing, over a time frame six weeks or less. I will need your full shipping address in order to invoice you as it needs to be on the invoice (local invoicing laws). You'll be able to pay it at whatever times you like, but there'll be a minimum first payment (usually a third)

I am only able to offer layaway on items that have been in the shop for at least 24 hours, meaning I cannot offer layaway on items just-launched, it's just logistically difficult.

Important: All layaway sales are final and non returnable, and individual payments are not refundable should final payment not be honoured.
Once the payment has been completed in full, it will be shipped out to you.

If something's caught your eye, shoot me an email/IG DM and we can make it happen.


The customs form on the packet will describe the contents and their value - so please send it to your most reliable and safe address.

PS: I do not currently ship to all countries. I export only to USA, Canada, Australia and select European countries. If you do not see your country in the drop-down, hit me up it might be an oversight.

Taxes/ Import duties

My studio is located in the European Union. *cue Beethoven's Ode To Joy*

Please be aware this might mean you will need to pay importation duties/taxes on receipt, which will be your responsibility to pay. Now here's the thing - not all Government/Postal systems collect duties under a certain fiscal threshold, - But all countries have different laws and customs and it is your duty (if you will excuse the pun) to look up yours.  Bear in mind that you might be likelier to pay customs fees on things shipped by courier.

EU customers: Your prices will include VAT at checkout only. Annoyingly Shopify has no way of solving this issue.

If your order makes a round trip

On occasion, if you leave your item at customs or the post office (most will only keep it for seven to fifteen days before sending it back) it gets sent back. This is adding danger to the jewelry unfortunately. Some thief might think its the Hope Diamond and not actually really eccentric arty stuff, and be inspired to open the package - so we really must avoid this. Once it gets back to me, I'll be happy to ship it out to you again but you will be responsible for repaying the shipping fee. 

Returns and Exchanges

Please read the listing carefully. I try to be as exhaustive as possible in each listing and 'surprises' are almost always the result of skimming listings. This includes the size of the item, length of chain, and ring size.

You are buying precious wearable art over the internet - Do not guesstimate your size or impulse-buy as I will not be able to accept returns on pieces that do not fit as you expect or for 'buyer's remorse'. 

In the case of serious dissatisfaction with your order, make sure you contact me  within 14 days of delivery and we can come up with a solution. 

Returns are not accepted on custom orders. This includes custom ring sizes or things that are tagged 'will be finished in your size'.

Buyers will need to ship items back in secured and trackable manner and will be refunded on receipt of the item.

In the Unlikely Event...
Please order with confidence. It happens extremely rarely that a courier package goes missing - but if the package or jewelry is damaged in transit, or the tracking information shows something has gone awry, please contact me ASAP and I will do the utmost to trace the package or refund you. My aim is for you to be delighted with your purchase and it is my responsibility, to have it reach your lovely claws.


Because I enamel on copper, settings do not come stamped since the entire piece is technically a 'mixed metal'. Having said that, I only use sterling silver 925 or fine silver for settings unless otherwise stated, plus patination to make it appear aged. If it looks shiny grey - it's silver.


General Care:

BattleAxe jewels are made with sturdiness and longevity in mind, but  it's important you do not wear these swimming, bathing, advanced chemistry, deep-sea diving, naked colloseum wrestling etc. In short, avoid chemicals of all kind and rough-and-tumble. 

Also, no piece is made for constant daily wear, particularly so the bigger trophy pieces. The changes they will snag or get clapped onto something are just higher if you wear something continually. Conside jewelry is like clothing - it will need cleaning and repair.


The patina will eventually wear off and alter (speedier with some skins than other) but metals are easy enough to repatinate. Similarily, unwanted tarnish can be easily removed using 'ultra polish pads' from Rio, which are particularly good at the job.


The beauty of vitreous enamels lies in how little the mere ravages of time affects them. White silver darkens and jewels might react to climate, heat, humidity - vitreous enamels stuck in a tomb will be as beautiful the day they're buried as they might be a millenium after. But they are glass, and will break if dropped, they will crack if hit just so. This is not strange with regards to jewelry as many popular gemstones are far more susceptible to cracking than enamels - but as they are individual artworks, they are harder to replace. Sometimes, breaks in an enamel may be fixed but they can also be a write-off. So do store carefully, and wear carefully too. 

Beaded Strands

Any beads on strand will require restringing at some point in their lifetime, especially if worn frequently. To minimise stresses on the strands, store laid flat and not 'hanging' when not being worn. If they do tear, save all the beads and they can easily be restrung.


Small repairs and cleanings should be done with your local jeweler, especially because sending a repair back to me could result in very high fees. But if it's the kind of job you don't want to trust your neighbourhood jeweler with - like a cracked enamel - feel free to hit me up and I will try to repair your piece for a reasonable fee, or recommend something for you to do.

Sterling also naturally darkens and stains with time. I would not go at it with a polishing cloth like you are trying to summon a genie unless you really know what you are doing because more often than not people scratch their jewelry when they try to remove tarnish they don't like.

"I'd like something custom from you!"

At the moment, I am not taking custom orders (not being precious - it's just too stressful!)

Any issue, drop me a line here lisa@bringmemybattleaxe.com and let's discuss!

Or if that's too formal, DM me on instagram: