Monkshood Ceremonial Ring ~ Reticulated Silver and Amethyst ~ Size 7.75 - 8 US

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Joining the ranks of the Poison Weeds collection comes this ceremonial, weighty, reticulated ring, inspired by this mystic herb of many deliciously gothic names - Monkshood, Wolfsbane, Aconite.  

Either side of the beautiful visage of the spirit of Monkshood (cast in sterling silver from my own sculpture) is flanked by the many-fingered leaves of the herb, cut out of sheet of sterling and mounted on a weighty, wide-band ring that has been reticulated for an interestingly rugged texture. Crowning the maiden's head is an orb of juicy amethyst, whose purple hues echo the hooded purple flowers of the plant. 


  • sterling silver 925 
  • size:  Fits best on a size 7 3/4 - 8 US finger*
  • gemstone: Amethyst
  • ring band: rugged reticulated band
  • finished weight: ≈ 27.5 g
All handmade jewelry is delicate -  it must be worn with attnetion and kept away from water and chemicals. Snagging or dropping it could cause parts of it to break - it must be worn in a princely manner to ensure longevity.

* Ring sizing is not an exact science - Wide bands feel tighter, and this size has been given as to what the ring will feel like it is, when worn. It actually marks as 8.5 on the sizer (please see picture attached) but for the majority of people this ring will feel closer to an 8 or just shy of 8. Because of the band type, it cannot be resized.