'Hello Earthlings' • Vitreous Enamel, filigree, opals and amber • Pendant/Brooch combo

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This piece is a manifestation of my skills, my interests, my love for the extraordinary and my belief in the power of humour. After the raging, frustration, grief and anxieties of the past 365 days - humour proves still to be the best shield. This fella, the latest incarnation of my alien designs, combines a glut of my skills into my cheekiest piece yet created for one reason only - to make whoever sees it smile. The alien's message - and this piece's message - is -  Enjoy yourself Earthling, because we're all just visiting and nobody knows when it'll be time to go.

About the piece

This piece displays many jewelry techniques. This alien in the spaceship was created in the miniature-style of painted enamel, layer by painstaking kiln-fired layer to bring his features out of the ether and vitrify them, starting from a flat sheet of copper. This ancient pictorial method will stand the test of time, he will be saying hello long after you've said goodbye - it is unreactive to humidity and sunlight, it's actual glass.
I also used glass beads to create dimension and texture in his spaceship, as well as liquid gold to produce highlights.

Vitreous enamel and gold is also how the 'Hello' was created, the gold hand-painted on fired in the kiln till it has fused with the glass. Each was individually set to hang from the hand-fabricated flying saucer, to catch the light when the jewelry twitches and moves.

Decorating the flying saucer are two areas of freeform filigree, a large and very bright central amber, and two fiery australian opals that flash with their own preternatural fire.

The piece is a brooch/pendant combo - the necklace can be unhooked to allow it to be worn as a brilliantly fun brooch. Please watch the video to try and get an idea of the aliveness of this piece. Of all the things I've created so far, it has my heart the very most.

At a Glance:

  • Brooch/Necklace combo.
  • Focal: Painted vitreous enamel on copper, with liquid gold highlights
  • Size of focal:  2.75" X 3"
  • Filigree detail
  • Gemstones: Mexican amber, with two Australian boulder opals
  • Supplied with a double-hook necklace which allows it to be worn at a length of 20 inches (Can be lengthened to your desired length)
  • Chain can be unhooked to use the piece as a brooch.
  • Brooch pin is a double-pin and made of strong stainless steel
  • Piece is entirely unique and one of a kind
  • Signed and dated on the reverse for collectability
  • Ships 3-day courier to select countries- don't see yours in the dropdown list? Contact me over IG it could be an oversight!

Layaway accepted! Contact me for deets either via email or IG DM

While enamel does not react to humidity or fade in the light, the piece contains opals, amber, which should be shielded from both. Enamels and these stones should not be dropped from a height either as they might chip or shatter. And though sturdily put together, all hand-fabricated  jewelry needs to be treated with care - do not drop, shock, tug or knock it into things so it will last to be buried with you in your pyramid or for your descendants to squabble over.