The Universe As Earthling ~ NECKLACE ~ Ecdysis collection

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Ecdysis - the scientific name for a snake's bi-yearly shedding of its skin - is to me a symbol of the necessary pain inherent in growth and transformation. This piece represents universal consciousness flowing into mortal shape, assuming the form of an earthling for a spell.

These focals are created in the painstaking ancient technique of cloisonné enamel. After designing the linework, I bend itty-bitty wires into the designs, which are then filled with thin layers of glass powder, each layer requiring separate kiln firings. For more about this technique, have a look at my IGTV on the subject. The piece has been decorated with fused liquid gold stars.

The piece will be set into a ring in your size, or a pendant on a chain.

The enamel will be set into a tombac setting - a high-copper European jeweler's brass that greatly imitates the glow of gold.

It is a one of a kind, collectable artwork and signed and dated on the reverse. You will be getting the very piece pictured.

At a Glance:

  • OOAK Vitreous cloisonné enamel on copper
  • Dimensions of focal: 2"
  • Setting metal used: tombac (jeweler's brass)
  • Mounted on an 28" patinated sterling chain.
  • Signed and dated
  • Shipped within 1 week of purchase.
  • Ships courier, from 3 day transit time

Care: All handmade jewelry is delicate. Though by no means as fragile as some gemstones, vitreous enamels can break if dropped or shocked, and gilding may scratch off if scrubbed. Additionally like clothing, jewelry needs to be cleaned. To keep tarnish at bay should you want to retain the gleaming gold colour, give it a wipe with any tarnish removal cloth and it will come back to glow - I will enclose one with your order.

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