The Spirit of the Urban Autumm Evening ~ Vitreous Enamel and Sterling Silver

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An homage to the magical early-winter-nights in the northern hemisphere’s suburbs and townscapes - though the early setting of the sun is often maligned, these dark afternoons bring an unusual overlap of human life, window lights and commuting bicycles, and the changing flora and fauna of the suburbs in this mystical time. 

This weighty piece, compositionally inspired by the dreamy jewelry of the Art Nouveau era, features the signature ‘Dryad’ visage from my original sculpture cast to solid sterling. It was mounted onto a talisman frame ‘halo’ cut and fabricated from sheet silver.
Behind her head, the focal of the piece spreads like a diamdem - a one -of-a-kind abstract design in cloisonné enamel, evoking the overlapping of nature and suburb. Cloisonné enamel is a painstakingly-created, ancient art. In a complex process, fine silver wires are twisted to make outlines into which layers of glass powder are fused. As many as ten layers of colour are laid, with each requiring firing inside a kiln. In this piece, details of 24ct gold standing in for the ‘lights’ in the scene. (For more on how cloisonné Pieces are created, check out this link where I walk you through the process in an IGTV).

You will be getting this very piece pictured. It’s a substantial jewel with quite a bit of weight to it (100g!) so it comes on a deliciously strong chain as pictured. For longer necklace lengths, please order an upgrade of your choice from this listing.

Being art jewelry, the piece is signed and dated on the back for collectability. 

At a Glance:

  • sterling silver 925 cast, frame and chain
  • Vitreous Enamel focal piece (glass, fine silver, 24 ct details)
  • Dimensions of Front Design: 3"X 2"
  • Necklace Length: 20”
  • ‘Necklace closure: hook and toggle
  • finished weight: ≈ 100g
  • Antique Patina Finish
  • Marked, signed and dated

Layaway is easy to arrange via PayPal is happily accepted on these larger treasures. Contact me via email or the ol’ gram to secure the piece.

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