The Sphinx Ring ~ Sterling Silver Ring, custom size

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Half woman, half winged-lion - the Sphinx, much like the witch, or 'the battleaxe', embodies qualities that have been historically used to bash strong women - enigma, strength, will-power, judgement, supernatural traits and why - of course -certain deadly je ne se quoi.
From myth in antiquity, she resurfaced in the modern subconscious as the revived (and sometimes reviled?) femme fatale of the Symbolist painters.

But to those in the know, the dreamers raised on The Neverending Story and a good dose of museum-going - she will always mean so much more...

These rings are made in silver cast from my own carving of my imagined take on the Greek Sphinx - that human-eating Riddler of old. May she guard your fingers.

The piece will come on a sturdy plain ring band custom-made in your preferred size.

🕂Cast from own sculpture
🕂Sterling Silver 925

🕂Pick your preferred size 
🕂Height of sphinx: 1" / 2.54 cm
🕂Weight of finished piece: 15 grams
🕂Antique patina finish

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