The Sphinx Claw Talisman Necklace ~ sterling silver and opal

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This intricate piece was made from my own carving and cast into sterling silver, then hand-fabricated into this talon shape which bears a gorgeously flashing, preternaturally red-green cultured opal. The pictures have not been altered - the opal really does flash in those unreal shades.

This piece is a one-of-a-kind concept talisman based around my sphinx design, and that pretty opal.

The monstrously beautiful sphinx - half woman, half winged lion - embodies all those qualities that have been put down in women in the past - cleverness, will power, physical strength, judgement, and no doubt the certain je ne se quoi that so often doomed out female ancestors as witches. Of the 'femme fatales' - another loaded term - of history she definitely delivers on the 'fatale' end. 

🕂sterling silver 925 
🕂helight of talisman : 3 inches / 8 cm
🕂necklace length (excluding talisman) 28 inches: 71cm
🕂gem: cultured opal 
🕂hand-fabricated 'hook' toggle closure
🕂Antique patina finish
🕂OOAK - you will be getting this very piece
🕂finished weight: 27 g

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