The Only Path - BattleAxe Editions Fauxnamel NECKLACE

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The design 'The Only Path' has appeared in various renditions in some of my earliest enamel collections, and is a very dear one to me. I wanted to make a 'costume jewelry' version of a design so many people have connected with, so more people could get to wear and enjoy a BattleAxe.

Thrilled to be introducing, so, this Bring Me My BattleAxe edition, designed by me and made by robots. Though the industry calls it 'enamel' and the finished look mimics that of cloisonne, this is actually gold plated zinc alloy with high quality coloured resin, finished and ground down much like real cloisonne - but by a machine, hence me calling it Fauxnamel. The metal parts catch the lights beautifully and the glitter sections give it that extra sparkle that I am just OBSESSED with. I hope you love them too.

There is also a keychain version here. Till stocks last!

Them Deets:

  • Plated zinc alloy + resin
  • Nickel free
  • Focal dimensions: 2.5”X1.25”
  • Necklace length: 28 “
  • Will come in a BMMBX bag
  • Ships worldwide via regular tracked mail

Care: While this is the highest quality Fauxnamel you can get, it is still a kind of plating and will get scuffed/scratched with over time. Avoid getting it wet, wearing it to sleep and getting chemicals (sunscreen/moisturiser included)