The Moon Phase Cuff ~ Sterling Silver Moon Cuff with Labradorite Focal Size S/M

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An unapologetic treasure of weight as well as beauty - more gauntlet than bracelet - this moon phase cuff will glint at your wrist like the pommel of a bejewelled sword. Made to be the perfect day-to-day psychic armour for the urban witch, the relocated moonchild, or your good old grown-up-goth.

A beautifully veined circle of labradorite flashes the range of aqua blues, and stands in for the mystery of the new moon at the centre of this cuff. On either side of it, in symmetry, are other representations of the moon phases - full and smiling as cast from own sculptures - and by fabricated little crescents sawn out of sterling in mirror on either end, to symbolise waxing and waning. 

The cuff is open-style, making it very snug on a good fit with none of the usual wiggling of bangles. Even people not used to cuffs will find this one easy to wear.

The silver has been darkened for an old look, then polished to the matte sheen of an aged Battle-Axe. On the reverse, my maker's mark can be found to ensure the piece's future collectability.


  • Size: Cuff length is 6 inch + 1 inch gap (Please don't guesstimate and measure your wrist)*
  • Sterling Silver 925 
  • Moons Cast from own sculptures
  • Natural Labradorite
  • Finished weight:  71g
  • You will be getting the very piece pictured

* These cuffs will allow for some adjustment once at hand, however they should not be bent on and off frequently but rather slipped onto the hand sideways with the gap slipping onto the narrowest part of the wrist, then turned to face up (click here for a visual)