The Key Of Love ~ S/M Cuff ~ Upward Spiral Collection

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The Key of Love is my symbolic reinterpretation of Cupid's arrow and my first iteration of a piece for the 'Upward Spiral' collection, my focused collection on the forward-quest of life and love.

The focal is a cloisonne vitreous enamel piece made in this ancient technique where I use silver wire to delineate a design and subsequently fill it with layers of coloured glass which are fired several time inside a kiln. The resulting artwork is a human-made gemstone that ios composed of metal and glass, will not fade or diminish in beauty and if treated well can last centuries into the future.

The focal was mounted onto a band of silver that was hand-reticulated to look like a primitive bracelet, fresh-unearthed from a funeral mound. 


  • Sterling silver metal
  • Focal in cloisonne enamel
  • Adjustable sizing - 6/7 inch wrist all good!
  • Size of band: 6 inch with 1 inch gap

Care and Wear:
When wearing a cuff do not 'open' it unnecessarily or to get it on and off - turn it so it's perpendicular to your wrist with the 'mouth' of the cuff on either side of the thinnest part of your wrist. Slip it on sideways like this, then twist it to face the right way up. When you receive the piece it could be your wrist is rounder or flatter than the profile it was shaped to - feel free to shape it a little better to your wrist by hand so its molded to your shape - just do not do this repeatedly or it will stress the metal.