The Galactica Choker

The Galactica Choker

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The gorgeous labradorites in this collection have been picked for their uniquely flashy natures, appearing almost like they're lit from within. 

This gold/green/purple labradorite has the same warm hues so often seen in galaxies as photographed by deep space telescopes, leading me to the naming of this piece. I paired it with fixed chains for movement, on a wonderfully sensuous flat sterling collar. Space Vamp stuff.

This choker can be molded to most necks thanks to a closure system at the back with a non-leather cord which will allow you to tighten/loosen the tension at will. You'll also be able to make it sit higher or lower on the neck with this closure method.


  • Sterling silver
  • Adjustable sizing 
  • Cord closure
  • Green/Gold Labradorite

Care and Wear:
When wearing a choker do not 'open' it unnecessarily - turn it to slip the gap out from where your neck is thinnest, that is, side-on. Repeated stretching of the silver can cause it to snap. This is the same method used to slip on moulded bracelet cuffs. Once moulded to your neck size after you receive it, it should be counter-stretched as little as possible, with the tension of the cord being its tightening method.