Sun Over Sea ~ Mexican Amber and Azurite/Malachite ~ Size 8

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A beautiful disc of yellow-orange amber, arched by sterling silver rays, hovers over a slice of high grade precious malachite-azurite of a brilliant shade of blue. They are set in a sterling silver band that has been textured to recall rocky cliffs, and a gully between the two gemstones stands-in for the gap of sky. This is a personabl favourite from this collection.

Inspired by the clifftop location of the BMMBX studio, the Song of the Sea Witch mini collection of rings embodies the mood of sun, sea, and the island's rugged coastal landscape.

🕂sterling silver 925 band and bezel
🕂size:  Fits like an 8 US*
🕂gemstone: Azurite Malachite + Mexican Amber
🕂ring band: thick reticulated silver 
🕂finished weight: ≈ 15g

*compensation for the wide band width has already been considered when listing this size - order your actual ring size