Song Of The Harpies in Labradorite ~ Thumb/Pointer Ring Size 8 3/4

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Every year, I do a set of carvings to then cast and have enter my permanent collection. This 'Song of the Harpies' ring is cast from my own sculpt, and features a pair of the mythical 'monsters' harpies, a woman-headed, eagle-bodied wind spirit said to roost in the cliffs of Mediterranean islands, taking orders from Zeus and harassing sailors.

The detail on the harpies - from their features to their open mouth to their nipples - is very high. The ring shank was cast in sterling, then a bezel was added to it for individuality. In this ring, the gemstone is a blue-glow labradorite. The profile of the ring gives it a medieval appearance, like something unearthed in an archaeological dig. 

The ring has high shoulders, and would work best as a pointer finger or thumb ring due to its girth. You are of course free to wear it on other fingers, but it would be markedly less comfortable.

  • Sterling silver 925
  • Ring size: US 8 3/4
  • Gemstone: Sunstone
  • finished weight : 10 g
  • Antique Patina Finish

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