Sometimes I Still Cry • Necklace/Brooch • Eye Don't See Collection

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Layaway for larger pieces is gladly accepted. Message me over IG for details.

This piece 'Sometimes I Still Cry For You' is the flagship piece for the collaborative series between filigree artist Kevin Attard and I, 'Eye Don't See, Heart Don't Hurt'. In this series which will debut you in May in a local gallery, we will explore the theme of longing - unrequieted love, love had once but had no more, and impossible love, via the recurring theme of the eye.

The concept, cloisonné enamel, design and fabrication are my own while Kevin has furnished the piece with perfect filigree lashes. The piece is a necklace/brooch combo which can be worn as a large pectoral statement necklace on the gemstone bead strand it comes on, slipped onto a simpler chain or taken off a necklace entirely and worn as a statement brooch. 

The piece is entirely unique and one of a kind, signed on the reverse by both our surnames, and is a piece of wearable art we've poured part of our soul into. We hope that when not worn, it may be displayed.

At A Glance

  • May be worn as brooch of necklace
  • Sterling silver bezel, filigree and fabrication
  • Cloisonné vitreous enamel focal
  • Comes on lapis-chrysocolla and matte onyx bead necklace
  • Cultured freshwater pearl dangles
  • Signed and dated on the reverse
  • Ships courier worldwide (If your country is not listed please contact me)

Care: Do not drop this piece, wear and store carefully and avoid shocks and it will last to be buried with you inside your pyramid or end up in a museum (or your heirs will fight over it). The gemstone bead necklace will need restringing throughout its lifetime, like all strung necklaces do so give it a test-tug before you wear it.