Winged Seahorse Earrings - Chatoyant Kyanite and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

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Inspired by the iconic earrings Enya wears in her Caribbean Blue music video from the 90's - These winged seahorse earrings are an absolute urban mermaid's dream.

Each winged seahorse is cast from my own sculpture to silver, in a sweet pair that face each other to flank each side of your face. From their curling tails dangle handmade silver bezels that enclose pretty drops of flashing kyanite gemstones, an echo of the sea under the moonlight. These kyanites - gemstones prized in crystal-magic circules for their ability to dispel negativity - have chatoyance, and catch and flash in the light in a way that was hard to capture in still photos.

These earrings are casually flamboyant, singing of mysterious waves, cove-dwelling sea-goddesses and mysterious beachside trysts. They are available in a very limited quantity till my kyanite treasure-stocks last.


  • Blue Kyanite gemstones
  • Solid sterling silver .925 seahorse cast from own sculpt 
  • Sterling silver earring hook wires
  • Dimensions of seahorse focal: 1.75 inches / 4cm
  • Total length including ear hook: 3.25 inches / 8.5 cm
  • Weight of each earring : 9 grams
  • Antique satin patina finish
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