Sea Caves Chrysocolla Ring ~ Everyday Statement Ring Size 9.5

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The beautiful domed chrysocalla gemstone - pocked with indentations, patterned with blooms of blue and green - inspires thoughts of quiet gurgling lagoons under steep sea cliffs, the dwellings of sirens and deep sea monsters, the cracks in the landscapes where corsairs moor their boats to escape sighting.

Infused with the sea air of my clifftop studio, this piece was made with comfortable wear in mind. Why should statement rings be worn for only a few hours? Here is a staple that can be worn daily by the intrepid sea witch or human-formed-selkie, who has a to-do list as well as a need to remember her home.

🕂sterling silver 925 band and bezel
🕂ring band: double patterned band
🕂size:  9.5 US
🕂gemstone: Chrysocolla
🕂finished weight: ≈ 20 g