'Qrun' Malocchio Necklace ~ Protective talisman Against Evil Eye

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This design was inspired by my home of the Maltese Islands, where fervent catholicism and quasi-mystic superstition mix, mingle and hold hands.

While to most of the world this hand-sign means 'Rock and Roll' - it actually has very ancient roots (that rock & roll piggy-backed on, incidentally). In Mediterranean countries this 'Horns' hand gesture, made covertly, is a ward against the evil eye used in the same way as 'knock on wood' is used in other parts of the world. When one has tempted fate with a too-optimistic statement - out come the horns.

This protection symbol was cast from my own original wax sculpture, in solid sterling silver at my local foundry. It's a perfectly stylised little hand, with details like knuckles and nails, and can be worn palm-up or palm-down.

The pendant is solid silver and has a delicious weight to it.

Each Qrun Hand comes on a weighty sterling silver 18" barleycorn chain with rustic handmade toggle clasp. The wide bail will allow for easy change of chain.

🕂solid sterling silver 925 
🕂pendant length: 1.5 inches / 4 cm
🕂necklace length: 18 inches / 46 cm
🕂finished weight: 17 grams
🕂necklace type: sterling silver barleycorn-style
🕂closure type: toggle clasp

🕂antique patina finish

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