Portal • Cloisonné Vitreous Enamel Talisman • Portal Collection

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A doorway has been cut into the fabric of space-time, so that over the cityscape, you you are blessed with sight of a portal into another dimension. Occupying no space and no distance, a burning tree rages that is never consumed. The fire of eternity that pulses in everything. The fire from which you are looking, and look at.

About the piece

This piece marks the first of a new direction I am taking with my vitreous enamel work.  'Archaeological' style settings worthy of a Roman princess, and handmade chains. With Portal, I enter a new region of work and am profoundly fired up.

The central focal is in cloisonné enamel, a technique which at the time of writing I am in my third year of exploring. It is an ancient technique whereby wire is used to denote outline based on my own unique designs, into which grains of glass are placed and fused in many many goes inside the kiln. This is a very reductive way of explaining the ancient technique - for more, look at this IGTV I made on the subject.
In this piece I finally managed to make checkerboard as a cloisonne pattern, which is hard and made the focal particularly laborious.

The setting is fabricated in a high-copper grade alloy known as 'tombac' or jeweler's brass. All the warmth of gold but not gold - still precious through the art of labour and fabrication, and not because of the occult whims of the stock market. Anarcho-punk me likes that about it.

The heavy talisman is flanked on four corners by gemstones - two carnelians and two blue labradorites. My choice was entirely aesthetic, as I wanted to pick colours to complement the piece. I have not enchanced the photo's vibrance - the colours of those gemstones reflect the 24ct gold foil I've secreted under each, acting like little flashlights.


The handmade chain took some 8 hours to make start to finish, a laborious process where each link is created in multi-steps, then brought together, soldered piece by piece and may times over. The end result elevates the five-gem piece I feel and was well worth the effort. It is detachable and should the wearer want, I may place an extra bail in the top loop of the talisman pendant so that it may be worn on a simpler chain some days. (let me know in the checkout box if so)

At a Glance:

  • Focal: Cloisonné vitreous enamel on copper with 24ct gold leaf
  • Hand fabricated setting in tombac (jeweler's brass)
  • Gemstones: Carnelians + Labradorites
  • Laborious handmade hook-style chain
  • Chain length: 19.5"
  • Piece is entirely unique and one of a kind
  • Signed and dated on the reverse for collectability
  • Will come in a presentation box
  • Ships 3-day courier to select countries- don't see yours in the dropdown list? Contact me over IG it could be an oversight! 

Layaway accepted! Contact me for deets either via email or IG DM

While enamel does not react to humidity or fade in the light, the piece has gemstones which which should be shielded from both. Enamels and these stones should not be dropped from a height either as they might chip or shatter. And though sturdily put together, all hand-fabricated  jewelry needs to be treated with care - do not drop, shock, tug or knock it into things. Do not swim or bathe in this. 

Tombac is an alloy like sterling silver, and just like sterling it will tarnish with time and exposure to the elements. You may know it as jeweler's brass in your country. Once you see tarnish you do not like, it is easy enough to restore brightness with department-store brass cleaner. Remember to be gentle with a with microfibre cloth if you pick the chemical route - do not immerse. Tarnish-removing pads from jewelry stores will work too.