Pirate Queen • Nymph Strand • Coral and Lava Stone

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Inspired by the romantic painting of Godward (see last slide) I've been creating a series of Ancient-Greece-reminiscent real gemstone strands for the urban Nymph. 

In this one, I used vintage Mediterranean coral paired with black lavastone for a big boisterous shorter style, as might be worn by a pirate queen on her day off pirating.
You will be getting the very piece pictured.

At a Glance:

  • Full length: 20"
  • Brass sturdy handmade hook closure
  • Gemstones: Mediterranean Coral and Lavastone
  • Structured drape
  • Ships tracked and insured worldwide.

Care: Bead necklaces will likely require restringing at some point in their life. The more you wear them and the harder you are on them, the more likely and frequent that becomes. Store them and wear them carefully and it will be your heirs' problem and not yours ;)