Through The Fire

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This focal for this talisman necklace for my Metamorphosis collection is my attempt at depicting the stages of self-purification via the 'flames' of our existence as humans on Earth. Something about trial by fire, something about that door you've been avoiding all your life - I am no philosopher or spiritualist, but an artist, who can channel ideas in pictorial form in my chosen medium of enamel.


The focal of this necklace was created in the technique of cloisonné enamel, where fine silver wires are laid in outlines that are then filled with powdered glass and fired, layer by layer, also inside a kiln. For more on how cloisonné is created, check out this link where I walk you through the process in an IGTVThe process creates a painting in glass that reflects the light with an unmatched liveliness, and is considered a handmade gemstone. In this pieces I paired opaque and transparent enamels as well as embedded gold leaf to create a play on depth and glitteryness. There's nothing that looks like real cloisonne enamel or can match it for its authentic beauty.

The created enamel was then set into a simple medallion-style setting that can be worn on a long or short chain, or a collier for a striking talisman. 

At a Glance:

  • Vitreous cloisonné enamel focal piece
  • Sterling setting with window at the back showing back of enamel.
  • Dimensions of Piece: 2.25"
  • Supplied chain: 22"
  • Antique Patina Finish
  • Signed and dated
  • Ships courier only