Gray Moonstone Ancient Alien ~ Ring In Adjustable Size

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An Alien Queen stares out solemnly at you, old as ages, her star-studded eyes unreadable - centred in her forehead, a ghostly orb that seems to glow light rather than reflect it. On either side of her, flanking, are spirals, that ancient symbol or rebirth and return, so plentiful in decorations at prehistoric temples not far from my studio.

The head is cast in sterling silver from my own sculpture-carving. The jewel is a gray moonstone, that somewhat less-paraded gemstone than its rainbow counterpart, but beauteous in its ghostly ability to seemingly glow of its own accord. The rest of the ring, wide-band, is hand-fabricated also in sterling silver.

This ring is open-backed making it very comfortable despite the bandwitch. It is thus slightly adjustable, perfect to accommodate for changes in finger size due to heat or cold. But nonetheless, please pick a size-range on checkout, so I hammer it into your desired shape.


  • solid sterling silver 925 pendant
  • Size of focal: 1 inch X 0.75 inch
  • gemstone: Gray Moonstone
  • ring band: Patterned with spirals
  • Size- Adjustable
  • Antique patina finish

Care instruction: Like all handmade jewelry, this ring is more delicate than machine-made counterparts. Do not drop or step on it, and do not wet or wear while performing strenuous activity - and it will last to become an heirloom.  

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