Giantess Necklace ~ Inner Journey Talisman

Giantess Necklace ~ Inner Journey Talisman

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About the Concept

This necklace was created for my ongoing collection ‘Giantess’, inspired in composition and theme by the ancient mysterious statuettes found on my island homeland, and the prehistoric temples that still stand secretively, whose building lore attributes to a fierce giantess.


This large BattleAxe of a pendant has me combine a few beloved skills - the face is made in the miniature style of painted enamel, the technique used by miniaturist in the Renaissance, where coloured powdered oxides are suspended in oil and painted in painstaking layer-by-layer, and fired to glass inside a kiln. Her ‘body’, a window to a scene of mysticism, was created in the technique of cloisonne enamel, where fine silver wires are laid in outlines that are then filled with powdered glass and fired, layer by layer, also inside a kiln. For more on how cloisonné is created, check out this link where I walk you through the process in an IGTVThe process creates a painting in glass that reflects the light with an unmatched liveliness, and is considered a handmade gemstone. I’ve used 24ct gold foil as well as dimensional glass to give the piece further sparkle and dimension. Check out the attached video to see how it catches the light.

The base of the jewel is crafted in silver, and decorated in the ancient art of filigree, also a contemporary take on a technique tied to my roots.

The resulting piece is weighty and powerful, meant to serve as a poppet-talisman, perhaps in the same manner the statuettes that inspired her were once meant to - though instead of in a museum, this one is meant for a modern neck to wear. (Not crossing out it being in a museum in some millennium from now - enamel will not fade or break down, and will be just as beautiful in the future as it is now)

She will come on a long and very sturdy rollo 32” sterling chain which fits the larger size of this pendant, ready to be worn and help you with your own mystic powers.

You will be getting this very piece pictured. It comes on a chain signed with the BMMBX brand.

At a Glance:

  • Vitreous cloisonné enamel focal piece
  • Painted Enamel face with gold detailing
  • Dimensions of Piece: 4.5” X 1.75”
  • Provided necklace length: 32”
  • Necklace closure: hook and toggle
  • finished weight: ≈ 51g
  • Antique Patina Finish

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