Blue Moon over Sphinx ~ Sterling Silver and Cultured Opal Sphinx necklace

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The enigmatic sphinx stares out at her would-be enemies, under the glimmering orb of a bright blue moon.

The stand-in for the moon in this hieroglyphic-inspired design of a circle shape mounted over the head of a character is a glinting periwinkle-blue cultured opal that catches and reflects the light in shards of blue and green.

The sphinx is a cast made from my own carving, a greek-style female sphinx (as opposed to the male-headed sphinxes of Egypt and Babylon) from the Oedipus myth, a no-BS monster who will have answers to her riddles or woe-betide trespassers.

Contemporarily, the sphinx can be seen as the embodiment of the 'know thyself' maxim. Like the sphinxes of mythology both old and modern (The Neverending Story, anyone?) they symbolise the need for us to face the ultimate fear of the real underlying mystery of life and break through it via self-knowledge

🕂sterling silver 925 
🕂helight of talisman : 2 inches/ 5.5cm
🕂necklace length (excluding talisman) 20 inches / 50 cm
🕂gem: cultured opal 
🕂closure: boltring
🕂Antique patina finish
🕂OOAK - you will be getting this very piece

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