Autumnal Mist Dryad Necklace ~ Sterling SIlver and Rainbow Moonstone

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Inspired by my recent trip to the V&A museum in London where I saw a wealth of Art Nouveau treasures with my own eyes, I set about to make my own take of organic fin de siecle jewelry. The result was my sculpt of the 'Dryad' face, my imagining of a wood nymph's visage from antiquity, from the days where forests teemed with life and magic in an imagined Arcadia.

This piece is one from my first collection turning my 'Dryad' design into jewelry reminiscent of Art Nouveau treasures. I have paired each piece in this collection with a gemstone that glittered or flashed, to symbolise light dancing light inside a forest, in whose dappled play I fancy we can see the spirits of the trees.

Here she is paired with a pretty rainbow moonstone that moves from yellow to blue as it catches the light - It evokes the pale diffused light of sun on a crisp misty morning, low over the autumnal bed of yellow leaves.

This piece was cast in solid sterling, giving it a lovely precious weight. It packs a big BattleAxe-style punch when worn, and works well as a solo piece, or amongst other layered jewels for that Ancient-Queen look. It is one of a kind, signed and dated on the reverse, and will become more precious with time.


  • Solid sterling silver 925 focal, bezel and chain.
  • Pendant dimensions (including drop): 3.5"X2"
  • Gemstone: rainbow moonstone
  • Necklace length: 18" *
  • Rollo-style necklace chain.
  • Handmade toggle and loop closure .
  • Necklace chain can be easily removed if you wish to switch the chain with a favourite from your own collection.
  • Antique matte sheen patina finish.
  • Weight of finished piece: 60 grams
  • Signed and dated for collectability
  • Ready to ship - you will be getting the piece pictured

    *Necklace length is 18" inches but I can shorten it for you to a favourite length - let me know in the 'notes to Lisa' section on checkout, or shoot me an email. 

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