The Year Of The Comet (New York Window) ~ Pectoral Statement Necklace ~ Vitreous Enamel and Sterling Silver

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I want to make art that is current, poetic commentary - and my mini collection The Year Of The Comet, (When We Spent Time Indoors ) is my small contribution to  'Souvenir-ize' this bizarre year of 2020.

This statement piece of art jewelry is one of two 'pectoral necklaces' that were created for this mini collection, inspired by the composition of ceremonial necklaces from the ancient world.

In the cloisonne focal I tried to evoke a sense of New York City, whose normally unphasable demeanor  was hit hard by this pandemic. It has been crafted to represent a window overlooking Manhattan, behind which a human might be sequestered. Signs of humanity - picked out in many little window lights in 24ct gold. And then there's the other human - you of course, looking out. Overhead, comet Swan sails in the sky under which all these humans live.

The focal 'window' is fixed into an ornate setting, with hand-fabricated sill-residents of binoculars for some sky-watching, and a cat for company. At the back, the setting has been windowed, giving the piece lightness, a peek at the reverse of the enamel jewel and as another nod to the 'window' concept of this collection.  

The focal pendant comes on a necklace of carefully chosen beads. Fair trade brass 'star' beads from Ghana echo the comet of the theme, and their primitive appearance is complemented by the matteness of lava-stone beads and the polish of dark onyx beads and brighter brass. This beaded necklace hooks on and off and becomes fully detachable so the focal pendant can also be worn alone, slipped onto a favourite chain or cord, for a more subdued look. 

You will be getting this very piece pictured, it is unique in the world and will not be repeated. 
Being art jewelry, the piece is signed and dated on the back for collectability.  Maybe something that can be treasured by a grandchild as a small poetic comment on the past. Or you know. Buried with you in your pyramid, as usual.

At a Glance:

  • Sterling silver 925 setting
  • Vitreous Enamel focal pendant (glass, fine silver, 24 ct details)
  • Dimensions of pendant: 4"X 2.5"
  • Necklace Length (just the beaded necklace): 22”
  • Necklace closure: hooks onto focal or itself.
  • Necklace beads: fair trade Ghanian brass cast beads, lavastone, onyx and brass. (PS: The Ghana beads are handcast primtively, and bear known imperfections)
  • Pendant can be worn solo, on own chain/cord
  • Finished weight of focal + beaded necklace: ≈ 170g
  • Antique Patina Finish
  • Marked, signed and dated

Your first enamel? For more on how cloisonné pieces are created, check out this link where I walk you through the process in an IGTV).

Layaway is easy to arrange via PayPal and is happily accepted on these larger treasures. Contact me via email or the ol’ gram to secure the piece.

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