Blue Lotus Canopic Jar Ring ~ Custom Size

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History geeks might recognise the inspiration of this piece - my take on the mummifier's 'canopic jar' from Ancient Egypt. These jars, with their 'heads' (lids really) shaped like those of gods, were used to store parts of the mummy's organs while priests prepared it for the Underworld.

Made in sterling silver with brass detailing, this jackal-headed jar pays homage to ancient mysteries.

I themed it around the gaining of secret knowledge. A Blue Lotus - a constant motif in Egyptian art, thought to have been prepared in secret ways to become psychoactive and used in special rites - is represented here in silver. It arches over a high quality blue-green chrysocolla. In Ancient Egypt, this gem was known by the somewhat easier-to-pronounce name of 'wise stone', which was believed to help its bearer come up with new and clever solutions to obstacles.

I will happily put this on a new band in your size. Please pick your actual size from the dropdown, and I'll make the necessary adjustments to make sure the wide band fits you well.

🕂sterling silver 925 + polished brass
🕂gem: chrysocolla
🕂size: Can be made to your size
🕂length of focal: 2.25 inches/ 5.3 cm
🕂antique patina finish
🕂OOAK - you will be getting this very piece
🕂finished weight: 15g

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