Saturn and Cassini Ring ~ Blue-Green Labradorite and Star Ruby - Finished in Your Size

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In this ode to space exploration - a high grade labradorite with blue-green-orange flash was picked to symbolise Saturn, that most planetish of planets - A sweet little star-ruby, with the ghost of a star hidden in its carmine glow - plays the satellite Cassini. This piece - and others like it in this collection - is a sincere homage to the sweet little satellite sent out on a scouting mission to Saturn - in a thoroughly over-the-top, BattleAxe kinda way.

This ring pictured is unset and unfinished, so that it can be finished in your preferred ring size. It will be set at a tilt, as pictured, because planets need to 100% be worn at a jaunty angle.
The ring band will be a plain band with an elegant three-split flange, for comfort and ease-of-wear. This is a precious accessory for the grown-up geek who has grown into a bunch of good taste to balance out those fringe-interests.


  • sterling silver 925 
  • gems: labradorite and star ruby
  • size: Finished in custom ring size
  • size of focal: 2X2inches /  5X5 cm
  • antique patina finish
  • OOAK - you will be getting this very piece 


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