The Earth and Her Satellites ~ Labradorite, Ammolite and Pyrite Necklace

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Over the deep bluest-of-blue flash of a labradorite Earth hover her two enamoured lovers in loose orbot. In the guise of a besotted ammolite-hearted manmade satellite, and an older but equally vigoruous lover, the rugged surface of a pyrite moon. This here is a bejewelled reimagining of space and our relationship to it, and the way a human mind can look up at the sky and wonder, and make poetry out of the great solemn objects of space.

This piece was made with great love and thought, and an outpouring of time.

The ammolite fossil gem, flashing pink and green, is paired with the satellite to bring a biological 'heart' to this manmade satellite. The pyrite's flashy facets give off light, and it has an almost meteoric shape. It was that deep blue labradorite however that inspired the entire piece, because the moment I held it and saw it's perfect dark blue flash, I knew there was only one planet it could bear to be.

This necklace is part of my 'Saturn and Cassini' collection, my homage to humans relationship to outer space.


  • sterling silver 925 
  • gems: labradorite, faceted pyrite, ammolite fossil
  • size: Finished in custom ring size
  • size of focal: 2.5 X 2.75 inches /  6.35 X 7cm
  • necklace length: 22 inches
  • OOAK - you will be getting this very piece 


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