Tears of the Sea ~ Reticulated Silver and Azurite/Malachite ~ Size 10

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This drop 'shield' style ring ring is smaller than the usual BattleAxe fare, but has a lot to say for itself. The blue-green intricacies in its teardrop shape Malachite/Azurite gemstone recalls the sea, while the ring band that narrows on the reverse, making it a very comfortable wear, is textured like the local stone in a long process of firing called reticulation. Forged in flame and sea, this is a perfect little magical talisman for every day wear.

Inspired by the clifftop location of the BMMBX studio, the Song of the Sea Witch mini collection of rings embodies the mood of sun, sea, and the island's rugged coastal landscape.

🕂sterling silver 925 band and bezel
🕂size:  10 US*
🕂gemstone: Azurite Malachite
🕂ring band: thick reticulated silver with decorative lacuna
🕂finished weight: ≈ 4g

* The fit is as expected, as the wide band tapers.