‘ Dreams of Atlantis ‘ ~ Vitreous Cloisonne Enamel and Sterling Silver Ring Or Pendant

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This piece is pictured unset so that it can be finished in your size.

A hallucinatory vision, as those held in the mind half-waking; Through an open collonade either sunk beneath the waves or held aloft in outer space, a golden path snakes beckoningly towards a pyramid. Dreams of Atlantis are these - a ringed planet marks the temple's peak, holding stars and moons and firmament in orbit. We are lured, and set upon that golden road back home. And then? Then we wake up.

This unique piece was designed and created specifically as the signature piece for the Dreams of Atlantis collection launching Nov 2019. In this collection, iridescent stones and vitreous enamel landscapes are picked and themes of Atlantis as a trasncended state of mind are explored.

About This Piece

This dreamy landscape is created in the painstaking ancient process of cloisonné enamel; made with powdered glass, fine silver wire and foil, and 24ct gold foil highlights. The process lends an incredible depth and glow to what results as essentially a handmade gemstone - it catches the light and opalesces in brilliant colours (For more info about vitreous enamel, scroll down).

You will be getting the piece pictured. This piece is as yet unset and unfinished, so that it can be finished either in your preferred ring size. Thought it was imagined as a large statement ring, I can also finish it for you as a necklace pendant. Please let me know in the message box on checkout which you would like.


Like all my larger pieces or ones that that feature enamel. this comes signed and dated on the reverse for collectability.  


  • OOAK - you will be getting the piece pictured
  • Sterling Silver 925 setting
  • Gemstone : handmade vitreous enamel + fine silver + 24ct gold
  • Dimensions of gemstone: 2" X 1"
  • Option to be finished as ring or as a necklace. 
  • Ring option will be on a comfortable double band
  • Finished weight:  ≈ 30g
  • Signed, dated, and marked on the reverse

Payment via layaway is possible - contact me to secure this piece and not let it get away

What Is Enamel?

In this technique used here - known as cloisonné - Fine silver wires were bent into shape to form an outline, which was then filled with several layers of coloured glass. Each layer of glass is fired to very high temperature inside a kiln till it liquefies, before a subsequent layer is laid. Each piece has as many as ten layers, each requiring individual firings. The lengthy process results in the creation of a manmade gemstone, with an image that has depth, luminance and texture. The technique is not widely employed in contemporary jewelry and thus rare and appealing to collectors.

Being glass, it is more durable than most gemstones out there and we have unearthed ancient enamels from millenia ago that have stood the test of time - but to allow this to become an heirloom (or join you in your pyramid) employ usual precautions when wearing handmade jewelry - no shocks, drops or chemicals.

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