Beloved ~ SPINNING Ring- Labradorite, Enamel and Sterling SIlver

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(This ring SPINS! For a video of it spinning, check out this post on IG:

This statement ring to end all statement-rings features a little love-struck satellite that spins unapologetically around a flashy blue/green, suspiciously Earth-like planet. This is the 'Beloved' kinetic ring, a truly extra ceremonial accessory for a sentimental space queen.

The piece is fabricated entirely out of sheet sterling silver - the little satellite in 3-D with it's dish and solar panels, perches on a swivel that circles a pretty labradorite gemstone which symbolises planet Earth. The 'solar panels' of the satellite were painstakingly handmade out of glass enamel, with bits of silver foil and wire embedded to mimic the glint and structure of real solar panels. Both the 'solar panels' and the labradorite catch the light splendidly when it spins.

It's a wearable kinetic sculpture made out of precious metal, and is signed and dated on the underside. 

It has a really pleasant weight to it and is surprisingly comfortable to wear, spinning in a very satisfying way when you tip your hand, gesture, or purposely spin it. 

The piece comes on a ring band that has been reticulated for a touchable 'lunar surface' type rugged feel. It supports the weight of the spinning elements well and is simultaneously very comfortable, because it's both wide and open at the back. The open back makes it also somewhat adjustable so you can switch finger when cold or heat makes your finger swell/shrink - but give me your main ring size on checkout so I can hammer or file it down to your size range.

How this ring came about

I'd been working for a while on a concept for a super out-there BattleAxe version of the traditional spinner ring, based on the imagery of a 'satellite in love with the Earth' as a motif. I tested out a few prototypes till one worked just the way I wanted it to, and this is how this 'Beloved' ring incarnated.

There's so much room for symbolism in our modern world - in jewelry one comes across plenty of animal totems and floral motifs, yet modern objects are rarely used as such. But there's poetry all around us, without having to leave our cities for the forest - the spinning satellite for instance, tethered and facing the object of it's adoration - isn't that a great symbol of devotion? The benefit in finding the magical in the contemporary world, is that it remakes a kind of modern tarot out of your urban surroundings.

And let's face it, it's hella cool.

Details At A Glance

  • entirely fabricated in sterling silver 925
  • size:  Adjustable, but let me know your size on checkout and I'll pre-adjust it with my tools
  • Blue-and-green labradorite focal point and handmade vitreous 'solar panels'
  • thick reticulated open ring-band
  • dimensions of focal: ≈ 2 X 1.25 inches
  • finished weight: ≈ 30g
  • signed, hallmarked and dated on the back for collectability
  • ready to ship - you will be getting the piece pictured
Like all elaborate handmade jewelry, this ring has delicate parts and should not be worn 24/7. Avoid strenuous activity, water/chemicals, dropping or snagging it - and it will last to become an heirloom