Channel Necklace~ Journey ~ Multiway Lava-stone and amethyst beaded necklace

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Two collections ago I introduced the BMMBX multiway necklaces, and pleased I could offer once reiteration for the Journey collection. The strand can be worn as intended, doubled over with the enamel focal to the side-  more choker-style with the layers closer together, or one long, one short for a 1920's vibe. Furthermore, the focal can also be worn to the centre, or taken entirely off the beads and slipped onto a cord or chain for a more understated look. The beads can also be worn by themselves. Check out the attached video so you can suss out all the ways this can be worn!

The cloisonne focal features a version of Channel in glorious pinks, the most coverted colour in vitreous enamel (and the hardest to reproduce well). Channel is an ode to inspiration, of the self becoming a channel through which the love of the universe cascades, to be woven into art and expressions of humanity by the artist. 

The focal is made in cloisonne vitreous enamel, a jewel that is painstakingly created in a process of fusing inside a kiln (check out this link where I show how it's made). The result is a manmade jewel with great depth and reflectiveness.
It is fixed into a sterling silver setting, whose back is mounted with two bails that allows for its versatility of wear.

There is something very sexy about black bead strands. Here they were paired with amethyst which puts the subtlest of violet colours among the black matte ruggedness of lavastone. Either end of the necklace is furnished with a sterling silver hook to allow it to be fastened to itself or the focal.

You will be getting this beaded necklace and pendant pictured. 
This necklace is art jewelry, the piece is signed and dated on the back for collectability.  

At a Glance:

  • Sterling silver 925 setting
  • Vitreous Enamel focal pendant (glass, fine silver, 24 ct details)
  • Dimensions of pendant: 2” X 2”
  • Necklace Length (just the beaded necklace): ≈ 55”
  • Necklace closure: hooks onto focal or itself.
  • Necklace beads: lavastone and amethyst
  • Pendant can be worn solo, on own chain/cord
  • Finished weight of focal : ≈ 36g
  • Marked, signed and dated

All handmade jewelry is delicate. Please wear with care and not while doing any strenuous activity to avoid snapping your necklace. Take off and wear gently, store safely and it will last to be buried in your pyramid.

Pandemic edit: I am happy to say the pandemic will be no impediment to this piece reaching you fast and safe. It ships by courier to select countries. Transit time is incredibly around 3 working days (add on a day if you're in Oz). If you don't see your country listed in the shipping options, contact me.