Dove of Peace ~ Cloisonne enamel ~ Ring or Necklace ~ Hope collection

Regular price €300 EUR


This piece is unset and unfinished, so it can be finished as a ring or necklace. If your choice is ring, please remember to let me know your ring size in the checkout notes. Since there’s a custom aspect to this piece and I might need to contact you, make sure please you are reachable on the provided email or reach out to me on IG

This design was created for the Hope collection. Of all my spontaneous collections, this one comes at the close of a turbulent year, perhaps the most universally turbulent one of our collective lifetimes. The dove was the titular peace, it’s symbolism for hope coming from the ancient world, as the dove returned to Noah with an olive branch in her mouth, a sign that the storm that rocked the earth was over and land was in sight. Imbued with my hope for better times - for humans and our future on the planet - this piece was created.

A dove, opalescent, flies in a  field of deep glistening green. It was created in the painstaking ancient technique of cloisonné. After designing the linework, I bend itty-bitty wires into the designs, which are then filled with thin layers of glass powder, each layer requiring separate kiln firings. For more about this technique, have a look at my IGTV on the subject. 

The piece will be finished either as a ring (see example pictured) or finished with a bail as a pendant, depending on your preference. It is signed and dated at the back, to stand as a memorial of this year- for future you, and future generations.

At a Glance:

All handmade jewelry is delicate. Though by no means as fragile as some gemstones, vitreous enamels can break or chip if mishandled. No drops, shocks, tugs or chemicals - and it will last to be buried with you inside your pyramid.

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