Bright Star Ring ~ Vitreous Enamel & Sterling, custom size ~ Hopeless Romantic Collection

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 This enamel is as yet unset so that it can be finished in your custom size - Please remember to give me your ring size on checkout!

About the Concept

The thing that touches me the most about the poetry of Keats is this - that all of the poems to flow from his young mind dealt with themes of impermanence, mortality, eternity. None more so than in his unnamed brilliant sonnet, known as ‘Bright Star’, which inspired this vitreous enamel piece. In it, he addresses a Star and laments his desire to be ‘steadfast’ as it - yet not cold and removed like a star, just fixed in the moment of his sensuous youth, in the arms of his love, and live forever. 

I always found this poem profoundly moving, with its simple and relatable wish of falling out of time and staying eternally young. Keats was faced with mortality from a young age, and probably even as he wrote this poem, he had recognized in himself the early signs of the tuberculosis that was in those days a death sentence, had killed most of his family, and would eventually kill him. 

I knew ‘Bright Star’ had to make it into the ‘Hopeless Romantic’ collection. I wanted to capture the star as described in the lines
“Gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors”


The focal was created in cloisonné vitreous enamel, a painstaking ancient process of placing grains of powdered glass into an outline composed of bent wire and subsequently kiln-fired over several sessions. The result is a human-made gemstone, an entirely unique pictorial surface in glass and precious metal. Here the snow capped-mountains opalesce, cold and gleaming, and the sky flashes when the piece is shifted. At the peak, I fixed my ‘Bright Star’ in 24ct gold under a layer of clear enamel, ’steadfast’ as the star in the poem.

The piece is unset so that it may be finished in your preferred ring size. It will come on a plain split ring band in sterling (see pictures example)

For more on how cloisonné Pieces are created, check out this link where I walk you through the process in an IGTV). The process creates a painting in glass that reflects the light with an unmatched liveliness, and is considered a handmade gemstone.

You will be getting this very piece pictured, set and on a ring shank. It is signed and dated for collectibility.

At a Glance:

  • Sterling silver 925 setting
  • Vitreous cloisonné enamel focal piece
  • Dimensions of Piece: 1.75” X 0.75
  • Ring shank: Split band
  • Size: your custom size, remember to give it on checkout!
  • Antique Patina Finish
  • Signed and dated

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As with all pieces that have a custom aspect, make sure you are contactable via email provided in case I need to ask questions.


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