Behold! The Jewel In The Lotus Ring ~  Rainbow Moonstone ~ Finished in Your Size

Behold! The Jewel In The Lotus Ring ~ Rainbow Moonstone ~ Finished in Your Size

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(This ring is unset so it can be finished in your size )

This mini-collection of rings was inspired by the mantra of compassion Om Mani Padme Hum. This ancient phrase of power is often translated to 'Behold! The Jewel in the Lotus'. I was always moved by the way the translation says nothing directly but so much indirectly. The imagery speaks to the heart.

This ring is composed of a beautiful face cast in sterling silver from my own sculpture, flanked by hand-fabricated leaves. Each piece in this mini-collection has its own unique leaf designs. The opening lotus, caught midway in its unfurling - was also hand cut from sheet silver and shaped. At its heart blinks the 'jewel' - a rainbow moonstone, flashing blue. The head, the lotus and the jewel combined, symbolise an elevation of consciousness and the quest for enlightenment.

The piece will be mounted onto two floral ring bands in your size.


  • sterling silver 925 
  • size:  Finished in your Size (please read)*
  • gemstone: rainbow moonstone
  • ring band: double floral bands
  • finished weight: ≈ 25 g
All handmade jewelry is delicate -  it must be worn with attention and kept away from water and chemicals. Snagging or dropping it could cause parts of it to break - it must be worn in a princely manner to ensure longevity.

* Important: Most people know that wide/double bands in one size may feel tighter than narrow bands in the same size. In order to avoid confusion and overcompensation, please give me your actual regular ring size, and I will automatically go a half-size larger to accomodate this difference. If you have any special requests, send me an email after purchase or DM over insta and I will gladly help.