Graveyard Angel ~ Multiway Lavastone and Onyx beaded necklace with Sterling Focal

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This versatile beaded necklace design is one that has been a long time in the making. I dearly wanted to increase the 'wearable' aspect of wearable art, by multiplying the ways a piece can be worn. Several prototypes later and you are looking at the result - based on the concept of pearl necklaces that clasp with a side-focal, I introduce the BMMBX multiway necklaces. The strand can be worn as intended, doubled over with the focal to the side-  more choker-style with the layers closer together, or one long, one short for a 1920's vibe. Furthermore, the focal can also be worn to the centre, or taken entirely off the beads and slipped onto a cord or chain for a more understated look. The beads can also be worn by themselves. Check out the attached video so you can suss out all the ways this can be worn!

The sterling silver focal Is a cast from my sculpture ‘dryad’. The face, inspired by graveyard angels, was a perfect pairing to the solemn black beads for a Victorian, Autumnal look. The cast is unique and unusual, made as it was from my own sculpture and in limited quantities,]. It’s back was affixed with two bails that allows for it to be worn with the provided strand, or even solo.

In the beaded necklace, - shiny, sexy onyx was paired with the matteness of lavastone with all its mountain power. Either end of the necklace is furnished with a sterling silver hook to allow it to be fastened to itself or the focal.

You will be getting this beaded necklace and pendant pictured.
The piece is signed and dated on the back for collectability.  

At a Glance:

  • Sterling silver 925 setting
  • Dimensions of pendant: 2"X 2"
  • Necklace Length (just the beaded necklace): 39”
  • Necklace closure: hooks onto focal or itself.
  • Necklace beads: lavastone and onyx
  • Pendant can be worn solo, on own chain/cord
  • Finished weight of focal + beaded necklace: ≈ 100g
  • Antique Patina Finish
  • Marked, signed and dated

All handmade jewelry is delicate, and in the course of a lifetime strung beaded necklaces will need restringing, which you may fix yourself if you are crafty, at your local jeweler, or contact me to do for you if you would like. Take off and wear gently, and do not tug to protect the beads.

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