Beris Baby Harpy

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This piece is pictured unset and unfinished, so it can be finished as a ring in your size (or necklace). Please let me know in the checkout box what you would like and if its a ring, your size in US ring sizes.

This strange 'baby' monster Beris is a unique piece from my MYTHOS (Song Of The Harpy) collection that centres around my favoured monster from Greek mythology, the predatory harpy. Harpies were woman-headed, raptor-bodied winged creatures said to roost in sea cliffs and carry off evil-doers. In my twist on the theme, the harpy serves as your own personal guardian and protector, their skull-necklaces a testament to their works, their serene expression a testament to their love for you.

About the techniques

The piece is composed of fabricated tombac, a European high-grade jeweler's brass that has a gorgeous gold-like glow and I simply love working with. The design was hand-sawn out of tombac to make the body of the harpy, into which was set a vitreous enamel face. The face itself is hand-painted on copper in a many-fire, many-step process to create a permanently bonded surface of glass in the style of the miniature portraits of old. The result is a manmade gemstone that will not fade or scratch. The face was then highlighted with liquid gold, fired into the surface for extra visual texture, catching the light when shifted.

For more about this painted enamel technique, have a look at this video on my IGTV

The piece is one of a kind and can be finished as a necklace pendant or a ring. If you would like a ring - remember to let me know your ring size at checkout.

At a Glance:

  • Focal: Vitreous Enamel on copper with gold leaf details.
  • Metal: Tombac (high grade jeweler's brass that looks golden)
  • Size of focal: 2"X1.75"
  • Finished as a necklace: It will be supplied with a 18" sterling necklace chain. This won't be permantly attached. So you can switch it out. Alternate lengths can be purchased solely via this listing
  • Finished as a ring: Will come on a sterling split shank as pictured. Please don't forget to let me know your size at checkout!
  • You will be getting the piece pictured
  • Signed and dated on the hidden side
  • Ships courier, from 3 day transit time after shipping

    Care: Tombac can be polished with the same products one uses on sterling. I find it tarnishes to a warm glow and does not need a lot of work to keep looking gorgeous. Exposure to chemicals, water and such will speed up the process. The vitreous enamel focal is light-fast and chemical-fast but the gold highlights are thin leaf so avoid abrading it or washing your hands with the ring on. As usual this is art jewelry, and while it was made as sturdy as possible, handmade jewelry is more fragile than machine-made jewelry so take care in wearing so it can last to be buried with you inside your pyramid.