The Hyperspace Choker

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The gorgeous labradorites in this collection have been picked for their uniquely flashy natures, appearing almost like they're lit from within. 

That nature can create something so beautiful and magical looking as a labradorite is truly something awe-inspiring. This multicoloured, big and juicy labradorite brings to mind a hyperspace portal. I made it an alien-aesthetic kind of prong collar and fixed it to this beautiful, lightly textured circle collar made out of sterling.

This choker is the only one in the collection that has a fixed size - it is a torque and closes with a (very strong and not easy to open by accident) tension closure. So please check the size below to make sure it will fit you. 

It wears very comfortably, the focal shivering just show catching all the light and flashing its heart out - while you will forget its even there.


  • Sterling silver
  • Size: Will fit up to 13 inch neck circumference and smaller.
  • Multicoloured Labradorite in prong setting.

Care and Wear:
When wearing a choker do not 'open' it unnecessarily - turn it to slip the gap out from where your neck is thinnest, that is, side-on. Repeated stretching of the silver can cause it to snap. This is the same method used to slip on moulded bracelet cuffs. Once moulded to your neck size after you receive it, it should be counter-stretched as little as possible, with the tension of the cord being its tightening method.