The Two-Headed Harpy Lyssanelle • Art Pendant Necklace • Tombac, Vitreous Enamel, Tourmaline, Apatite Strands • MYTHOS collection

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Excited to introduce, for my MYTHOS: Song Of The Harpy Collection, some of my most involved and technique-varied pieces yet. With these I aimed to create something of a modern archeological relic, a vibe I wish to carry further in my Mythos series which will span years.

This pendant/brooch art jewel features the two-headed harpy Lyssanelle. Harpies are creatures from Greek mythology who carried evil-doers off over the sea. In my version, the harpy servers as a protector whose aim in life is to protect its wearer from evil. Their serene smiles betray a fierce attitude. I've turned this harpy into a bicephalic child harpy ... well for fun. It makes one helluva monster I think.

This baby monster clutches a pretty green tourmaline in her claws. She dangles from a precious apatite strand that reminisces the blueness of shallow sand-and-rock shores. I have also fixed it with a pair of ring bails on days you wish to wear it on a simpler chain - the apatite strands can be simply unhooked.

About the Piece

To create this piece I have combined several ancient techniques.

The body of the harpy has been formed into 3D shape using the ancient technique of chasing and repousse. The tombac - a high grade european jeweler's brass that resembles gold - is hammered painstakingly with little chasing tools onto pitch to bring out the desired shapes in a process of reverse-sculpting. No moulds or stamps are used, this is entirely free-handed. One side is hammered, then turned and hammered again, then turned again and so on till the 'sculpture's' raised areas are shaped to desired effect. The process creates an entirely unique, painstakingly-created relief that is a sculpture in metal.
See this video to watch me work on part of the process.

The faces are painted in the painted enamel technique. It is essentially glass on copper. Layer by layer, powdered glass and oxides are brushed onto a specially-prepared copper surface and fired inside a kiln over and over, layer by layer, to create a painted, manmade gemstone in the manner of miniature portraits of times gone-by, that will not fade or scratch. The face was then highlighted with liquid gold, fired into the surface for extra visual texture, catching the light when shifted.

For more about this painted enamel technique, have a look at this video on my IGTV.

At a Glance:

  • Focal: Vitreous Enamel on copper with gold leaf details.
  • Metal: Tombac (high grade jeweler's brass that looks golden)
  • Size of focal: 2"X4"
  • Strand: Apatite with gilt Czech Glass spacer beads and brass end hooks.
  • Length of strand: 19"
  • Gemstone detail: Green Tourmaline
  • Ring bails present on the top bar to allow for wearing with simpler chains.
  • You will be getting the unique piece pictured
  • Signed and dated on the reverse
  • Ships courier, from 3 day transit time after shipping

    Care: Tombac can be polished with the same products one uses on sterling. I find it tarnishes to a warm glow and does not need a lot of work to keep looking gorgeous. Exposure to chemicals, water and such will speed up the process.
    The vitreous enamel focal is light-fast and chemical-fast but the gold highlights are thin leaf so avoid abrading it. The beaded strands may need re-stringing over time, as is normal for strung necklaces. This is an art jewel, and while it was made as sturdy as possible, handmade jewelry is more fragile than machine-made jewelry so take care in wearing so it can last to be buried with you inside your pyramid.