Past Colections

Hopeless Romantic - Jan 2020

Hopeless Romantic was a jewelry collection of large conceptual  vitreous enamel and fabricated silver pieces each based on a poem of the romantic poet John Keats, whose rich imagery and themes of transience I found very inspiring, often movingly so.

Isabella Or The Pot of Basicl necklace

Isabella Or the Pot of Basil - hand-fabricated sterling,c loisonne vitreous enamel and indian garnet

Bright Star - Vitreous Enamel and sterling ring

Dreams of Atlantis - Nov 2019

Combining vitreous enamel for the first time with silver casts of my own design, fabricated silver, shell and labradorite, I created a collection but subaquean, part extra-terrastrial, for my own taste of Atlantis, more state-of-mind than place.

We close our eyes and feel a yearning for a utopia, a certain missing of a place we’ve never been to, that undefined pining the germans call ‘ sehnsuct ‘- a place glimpsed in our collective unconscious when we dream. I wanted to evoke this feeling for the Dreams of Atlantis collection, that half-remembered vision of home, so hazy...

Satellite of Love - 2019

Aren't satellites incredibly romantic? They are besotted devotees circling the object of their obsession - Like the moon has the earth since time began - or, like the lovely spindly little things we send to space then largely forget about, those unsung heroes that allow us to hit like buttons and not get lost in the suburbs.
Isn't it time satellites take their place in jewelry iconography, among the panthers, unicorns and roses?

This collection of BattleAxe rings featured my first kinetic piece too, the 'Satellite OF Love' Super-extra spinning ring:


Saturn And Cassini rings - 2019

It has always been the prerogative of the weird and wonderful to notice and honour the weird and wonderful. For these tsars of taste, these well-read muses, these time-travelling eccentrics, the SATURN AND CASSINI design was made.
Inspired by the satellite Cassini that was sent on a mission to explore the rings of Saturn then allowed to be claimed by the planets gravity - this collection is an homage to the curiosity of humans. And - sent to learn a thing or two for our...

Song of the Sea Witch - 2018

Inspired by the sun-beaten sea cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, that I can see from my studio - Song of the Sea Witch was my very first conceptual collection, based around the idea of regalia for the sea-witch Calypso from Homer's Odyssey, that lived on the island of Ogygia whose cliffs I can see from my studio. I combined high-grade Azurite-Malachite gemstones with baltic emaber and reticulated silver.